About the Canadian Glaze Oil Society

We are a society of over thirty artists with a passionate love for crafting colour and light in ways that are ground-breaking and newly found to us as contemporary painters. The processes are very, very old. We dynamically re-hone them to serve us in current context. We are comprised of so many different voices; we descend from so many walks of life. However, this magical toolbox we have as painters gives us latitude to express anything we wish, exactly how we want.


We decided to form in June of 2016. Our society’s mandate is to welcome all artists who are interested in Renaissance oil painting processes at any level of knowledge. Our society meets, paints together, collaborates in art events and provides mentoring to our membership, and education to the broader community.


The CGOS has been awarded a long-term residency at the CreativeHub1352 in Mississauga, Ontario. Through this amazing honour and opportunity, we can look forward to so many exciting things! With the inspiration, the practical help and interaction of the CreativeHub 1352, we will be glazing, growing as artists and growing bodies of works!  We will be reaching out to create educational events for artists at all levels.  We will be collaborating in art-making and art events with each other, with artists from across all arts disciplines and with the non-art community.  We are pretty excited about this. What an opportunity! We can’t wait to see how it evolves.


President: Kathy Marlene Bailey

Vice President: Isabel Haslam

Treasurer: Louise Doyle

Exhibition Committee Leaders: Carolyn Daniels, Marilyn Rosati, Meru Parmar

CreativeHub 1352 Helper: Cathy Griggs


Kathy Marlene Bailey, Technical and General

Vanessa Cress Lokos, Curated Events

Cathy Groulx, General

Adriana Rinaldi, Commercial Events


Ruth Andrews, CGOS

Kathy Marlene Bailey

Pamela J Bell, CGOS

Joan Carte, CGOS

Deb Collingwood, CGOS

Vanessa Cress Lokos

Carolyn Daniels, CGOS

Kathie Dick, CGOS

Cathy Griggs, CGOS

Janice Griese, CGOS

Cathy Groulx, CGOS

Isabel Haslam, CGOS

Sylvia Horvath CGOS,

Susan Hunter Guise

Helen Jones, CGOS

Gay King, CGOS

Jennifer Kuehn

Z'Anne Keele, CGOS, COAA

Donna Kwok, CGOS

Maureen Lewis, CGOS

Andrea McIntyre, CGOS, ECOAA, ARTS

Sue Miller, CGOS, ECOAA

Carolyn Martin, CGOS

Christine Montague, CGOS

Meru Parmar, CGOS, OAS, BFFA

Clarence Porter, CGOS

Adriana Rinaldi, CGOS

Cathy Roberts, CGOS, BFAA

Marilyn Rosati, CGOS

Eileen Sakal, CGOS, DVAC

Cindy Steinke, CGOS

Donnalee Stewart, CGOS

Pat Welch, CGOS